And now for some real power swing with all the ingredients.
This one flies from one position to the next, not something for the weak of stomach.

It starts off in the 3rd Blues Position, but lands in the 2nd Blues Position in bars 2 and 3.
Watch the fingering there, the first note of bar 2 is played with the middle finger; the next note with your index and you’re in the 2nd Blues Position.

The sixth interval lick in bar 4 is often used to signal a I to IV progression.
The next lick is one long “sentence” ending on the second beat of bar 8.

Hollywood Fats could play this lick on “Rock This House”.

The big jump in bar 6 from the 8th back to the 3rd fret looks trickier then it is.
This sentence takes you from the 3rd to the 1st Blues Position.

The V riff plays around the 2nd Blues Position and the 1/4 bend pushes the b3 of the scale to the #3 of the V.

Bars 10 and 11 take us from the 3rd to the 1st Blues Position again.

The second riff is an almost exact copy of the first, a great technique to use in swing: repeating yourself.