A nice change of pace with this 12/8 feel.

The B.B. King position (3rd Blues Position) is featured here once again.
Listen to his “Sweet Little Angel” and “How Blue Can You Get” for inspiration on mixolydian scales mixed with the blues.

Slight variations in the bends lead to a voice-like character in the solo.
We are playing part of the Standard Riff here and using bends to reach some of the notes.

The solo on the I chord has a nice “major” feel to it, followed by a “down home” blues lick on the IV chord in bar 5.
Use these contrasts in your solo.

The timing in parts of this solo can be pretty tricky.
Practice each part slowly, till you know where your fingers need to go.
Then glue them together.

The tonic of the V chord is the centre of attention in bars 8 and 9; play it with your index finger and not like in solo 7 with your middle finger (see that it’s the same note?).

You can find the tonic of the V chord F also on the 13th fret with your pinky.
Our Standard Riff can be played here and tied to the riff from example 4 (bars 8 and 9).
dard Riffs galore, find the tonic and you’re all set.