In solo 12 you also move with the chords.

Players like T-Bone Walker got away with just playing the blues scale on those progressions (bars 11 and 12), but you might want to try playing the Standard Riff (bar 8 on the G7 chord).

Find the tonic of each of the chords (NOT including the approach chords) and play the riff.

Intervals and chords work great as solo material.

Look at the use of the I chord in the beginning and the two passing chords in bar 4.

The intervals in bar 2 are part of the Eb-mixolydian scale and bar 5 just spells out an Eb9 chord with approach intervals.

Another fun way to solo is to use chromatics; in bar 7 the Bb7 chord is spelled out (an arpeggio); each note preceded by a note 1 fret below.
To approach a chord note from above also works.

In bar 10 we spell out an F13 chord note-by-note and let every note ring.