A real mix of blues and the Standard Riff.

A “T-Bone”-esque solo that mixes the best of both worlds.
He almost never left the 1st Blues Position, but made the most of all the notes there.

The first two bars are very bluesy, followed by parts of our Standard Riff in bars 3 and 4.

Incorporating chord fragments in your solo can be very powerful (bar 3).
It shows you know where you are and it’s a great “filler” for when you don’t have a chord instrument to back you up.

The double time feel in bars 7 and 8 are a classic T-Bone Walker trademark.

Try mixing up the timing in your solos, using blocks in regular feel and then doubling the number of notes in the same space.  It’ll send your solo sky-high.

The bending of the 6th of the G mixolydian scale in bar 2 up to the b7 – or there abouts, hey, it is blues – is another T-Bone-ism.

Push it even higher on the V chord but don’t emphasise it on the IV. You’ll hear why.

In bar 10 you hear another “forward whip”: play the note, slide it forward with great speed and never mind the ending note.
Return quickly to b3 of the scale and bend it a little. Yahoo…!