In bar 3 of Solo 2 (second bar Bb7) you see the same kind of approach to the #3 of the I chord we’ve seen in solo 1.

Play the 6th fret of the 5th string with your index finger and slide back.

Note the mix of b3 and #3 in bar 3, play it with confidence.

Bar 5 uses a rollover with your ring finger.

The bend in bars 8 is a 1/4 note bend and actually targets the major 3rd of the V chord.

The slides in the beginning of bar 9 are very cliché.
On the V chord this note is often played with a lot of emphasis, because it really stands out (it’s the 5 of the V chord).

The lick in bar 12 plays around with the whole F7 chord; try to let all notes ring.

Note: playing the major third and following it up with the minor third is something you want to avoid. Try it, you’ll hear why.