In the following examples, you’ll get a dozen cliché solos with standard swing accompaniments.

The licks and riffs you’ll hear are the ones played by all the big guys on the classic albums; from T-Bone Walker to B.B. King and from Charlie Christian to Hollywood Fats.

They are organized around blues positions.

But instead of just having the blues scale as a starting point we now have the mixolydian scale to deal with, too!
Adding the notes of this scale will spice up your solos and give you all the nice lines.

One thing to remember in all these solos is that you have to move with the chords.

The blues scale can be played on all the chords in a standard blues progression, but every chord has its own mixolydian scale.

To make this a little easier, we’re going to introduce a Standard Riff.
This riff can be played on every chord in every blues position.

It’ll give you a simple but effective tool to learn all the scale positions and connect them to the blues scales you already know.

Some of the licks have been ‘borrowed from solo’s
by the great Hollywood Fats:

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