And to make it really fancy, add a few chords, intervals and stir.

Don’t try this at home without parental guidance, kids.

The last two bars seem more difficult than they are.

The chord progression you’re playing is a I-VI-II-V-I, a turnaround with full chords.

In this key that would come down to:
Bb7 – Gm7 – Cm7 – F7 – Bb7.

To make each chord change more powerful, we’re replacing every minor chord with its dominant version (you could call it a very short modulation – going to a different key).

On top of that, we’re approaching each chord with a chord 1 fret higher (or lower).

This “chromatic” way of playing is often used by bass players.

No marshmallow fluff, more like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Use only as an arrangement and if there is a bass player around, talk to him first.