To be able to move with the chords quickly, you’ve first got to find the root of each chord.

In most blues progressions there are three chords.

In your 1st Blues Position this is where the roots of those chords are:


As an exercise, you could play along with any three chord blues and try to only play the roots.

Be sure to play them on the right chords; play the root of I when you’re on the I chord, root of IV when you’re on the IV and root of V when you’re on the V.

All the solos in this book refer to a certain blues position.
These are the five positions on the neck you probably already know.

In each of those positions, you can find at least one root for every chord.
Based on that root, you’re going to learn solos to get familiar with playing mixolydian riffs within those positions.

After you can wail in those blues boxes, we’ll play solos that move from box to box.

Always keep your eye on where the tonic of the chord you’re soloing on is.
And move with the chords.