You can also play each note separately in triplets.

Here it becomes so thick it can easily be “mistaken” as a solo.

Note the little alteration in beats 2 and 6 of the riff.
This creates tension and releases it.

Play this riff slow at first.
The right hand technique can be pretty tricky.
Use alternating picking where possible.

I’ve added a little twist on the IV chord. I’m going to Dm7, which is the IV minor chord in bar 6
This is a variation you will sometimes encounter.

If the chord in the background changes, you have to change the riffs on top of it accordingly.

When you get to bar 6 keep your ears open and try to hear what’s going on.

Another chord variation would be to play a D#dim7 chord in bar 6.

(Example 5 is in the Swing- and Jump Blues Guitar e-book)