As we use mostly dominant seventh chords in jump blues, we will be adding those shapes to the mix.
These are some of the shapes you could be using in a jump blues progression.


Whooaa, that’s a lotta shapes.
Remembering all these shapes is a lotta work.
This is what jazz players have to do; learn all these arpeggios and know when to play them.

Charlie Christian knew all of these shapes inside out, top to bottom, bottom to top and used these as these base for his solo.

And we’re not there yet.
His solos used 6th chords, 9th chords and 13th chords too.
And there’s some diminished chords thrown in, etc, etc.

Don’t try to learn all these shapes at once.
Pick a few simple ones and try to get a sense of what they sound like and how you can incorporate them in your jump blues solo.