The first four bars of solo 1 are a great example of Charlie’s playing over chord shapes, mixed with bluesy sounding licks.

It starts off by playing over these chord shapes :

006-C9 007-C13

Just by playing chord tones you end up with a great fresh sounding riff.

We anticipate the F chord by playing chord tones of the F9 and F13 shapes and filling them up by approach tones.


By playing chord notes and approaching them with notes 1 fret below or 1 fret higher we get these intricate jazzy riffs.

Note that when you do this type of playing, that you use the correct chord shapes; that is: know where you are in the progression.
Use the mixolydian scale that goes with the underlying chord.

Even the simple shape of a C chord can lead to great licks. Look at bars 6,7 and 11.
Their all played of off a regular C shaped chord.