One other cool thing Brian does is to play ‘quotes’.

You can see a very simple melody back on the I chord.
You could substitute this with the Flinstones theme, the National Anthem or any other melody that is commonly known.
It keeps the audience on their toes when they hear something funny and familiar.

On the V and IV chord he often uses these type of bends.
You’re bending the A note upward to a B note on the G7 chord, which is the major third of the chord.
All the while leaving you’re pinky on the first string.
Sounds like country music to me.

A similar lick is played on the F chord, which leaves the pinky on the fifth string.
This one sounds a lot more bluesy.

Back on the I chord Setzer would often throw in another weird trick.
He will often play an augmented chord on or preceding the V chord.

This augmented chord is a stack of MAJOR THIRDS and is also moveable.
It sounds very fresh; start it off on the G7aug position and move it up and down the neck in major seconds (2 frets) for some spacey sounds.


In this case the chord is spelled out by playing the notes individually.

And as a bonus this style solo is ended with a G7#9b13 chord; a chord that belongs in a C minor scale, but is thrown in here just for kicks.