In the first 4 bars of solo 1  you can hear a typical Setzer trick.
In the key of G we can use open strings when we’re playing the Standard Riff.

This gives a different more ‘chordal’ type sound, because we can let the open strings ring out, while we play other notes on top of them.

The scale we are playing is called a major pentatonic (G A B D E G) and we’ve added the b3 (the Bb) to make it bluesy.


On the IV chord Brian loves to play sixth intervals.

Back on the I-chord you’ll find one of his signature Rockabilly licks with double pull-offs.
This one is not so hard to pull off at higher speeds.

On the V-IV change more sixth intervals.

Note that when we’re back on the I chord, we’re playing two very major sounding progressions
– going from the fifth fret to the fourth fret on the third string;
the fifth fret is a C note – the fourth degree on the chord
the fourth fret is a B note – the major third of the G chord
– going from the fourth to the fifth fret on the fourth string
the fourth string is the major seventh on the G chord
the fifth fret is the tonic.

With these changes he’d avoiding the blues sound; no b3 or b7.
Try it, see if you like it.