Jump Blues Guitar Method


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Howdy Partner!

Before you lies Version 3.0 of
The Swing- and Jump Blues Guitar Course.

This is a complete and comprehensive website/e-book learning method, to learn how to solo and play backup in these danceable Blues Styles.

Although you can cherry pick licks, riffs, grooves, chord progressions and other elements from this course, this method gives you more!

It’s an easy way to open up the neck to the more open sounds of Jump Blues Guitar.

It teaches you an easy way to digest new scales – like the Mixolydian Scale –  without having to practice till your fingers bleed.
This scale is the main ingredient of Jump Blues Guitar.

It does this by:
– introducing the Standard Riff
– and connecting it to all the Blues Position
– and by using Inner Logic to glide from Chord To Chord.

It also includes 12 style solo’s and analyses of the Giants of Jump Blues Guitar:
– Charlie Christian
– T-Bone Walker
– Clarence Gatemouth Brown
– Freddie King
– Brian Setzer

You’ll learn to phrase like a Horn player or Horn section, tackle intervallic lines and experience that playing backup in Jump Blues is as much fun as playing solo’s.
You will never be bored again.

It includes over 115 musical examples on different levels
(mp3 / GuitarPro tab), an extensive e-book (156 pages)
and loads of jam tracks.

If you want to play Jump Blues Guitar:
look no further, you are Home.

This site is the result of a whole lotta years of playing, twenty years of collecting, a year of writing and three months of web designing.

The only rule: ‘There are no rules.’
Ronnie Earl: ‘Music is not a sport, there’s no competition’

Happy Playing!



(c) 2016 Matthieu Brandt

Audio Examples

Guitar Pro Examples *

Charlie Christian Solo
Standard Riff Solo
11th Chord Swing

* You need GuitarPro 6 to play these files.
You can also play them with TuxGuitar.

Sample from e-book